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Welcome to the Chicago PrimeTimers home page! 

If you are new to CPT or considering joining, this page offers a window into what the club offers. You can find a menu of CPT events which take place at restaurants, theaters, or other public venues. You can also view our recommendations page for films and other gay entertainment. And of course you can find information on how to join. 

If you are already a current CPT member, you can log in at the top right of this page and see many features that are not visible to non-members. This includes a pulldown menu on the Members Only tab which will lead you to a membership directory, a club archive of newsletters, minutes, and treasurer reports. On the events tab, once you have signed in you will see events like games and groups held at the homes of club members. And make sure you check out the page of photos!

Chicago PrimeTimers (CPT) welcomes gay, bisexual, and transmasculine men aged 21 or older who seek camaraderie and fellowship. While our membership includes many seniors, our multigenerational community comprises men of all ages.

Each month, we are excited to present a list of options that we think CPT members would enjoy. There are breakfast, lunches, dinners, and bar nights which are great for new members, as there may be only five or ten people attending, and it is easier to engage with a smaller group. 

There are also cultural events of all kinds, including gay films, plays, and musical events.  We plan trips to events in the greater Chicago area. We welcome your suggestions for events you think the club members would enjoy. 

The list for those ‘public’ events can be explored on this site by both members and nonmembers. Only members who have signed in have access to the membership list and official club documents. They can also see events at members' houses or Zoom, which include games like cards and dominoes, book club, widowers group, etc. 

Our monthly Open Social is generally the biggest event of the month and is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and forge new connections. Held at Ann Sather Restaurant, 909 W. Belmont, this event includes a buffet dinner and a program with a speaker or entertainer. Oftentimes, members will have the opportunity to share stories from their own experiences. Some of the CPT friendships span decades. As a new member, you can, when you are comfortable, share your stories with us.

Established in 2001, Chicago PrimeTimers (CPT) is a vibrant non-profit social club affiliated with the PrimeTimers Worldwide organization, which boasts numerous chapters across the United States and Canada.

Ready to join? Sign up here, and our Welcome Committee will reach out to assist you with navigating the website and registering for club events.

Annual dues are $30 for individuals and $50 for couples or throuples residing in the same household. Monthly newsletters with the calendar of events are delivered by email. For those who prefer receiving an additional physical newsletter via USPS, an optional $20 annual fee is applicable for both individuals and couples. You can select your desired membership level when signing up to include this feature.

As mentioned previously, the membership list is only visible to members.  And our website privacy features mean you can abstain from getting emails, and you can keep any or all of your information - address, birthday, avatar, things you are interested in - completely private. 

Have questions before or after joining? Email us at Chicagoprimetimers@gmail.com, and we'll promptly respond.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to Chicago PrimeTimers and creating memorable experiences together.

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